Tourism in Italy represents 12% of internal prodouct. Sea related tourism is the most important form of it, because it actratcs the most part of national and foreign tourists, during a long period (normally, from may to september). Sea related tourism is linked to seaside concessions, a long-period contract awarded by public administrations after a formal procedure, starting from a public notice adopted by a City hall or by another public administration. Since 2016 at least, Italian public administrations must apply competition principles and rules to select the concessionaire.

This means that every business entity, regularly set up, can take part to this competitive procedure and get a public concession, independently from the Country of its establishment. More, in some cases, it is also possible that public concessions are awarded after a formal request, without a prior public notice (part of the procedure that, in this case, follows the first step).

Under a financial point of view, recently was adfirmed that public concessions in Italy are really cheap.

Amalfi Coast: Ravello (salerno)

If you run a business in the field of tourism and you want to earn a public concession, if you are looking for an M&A operation in the field of tourism or public concessions or even if you are interested into selling your public concession abroad, consider the idea of contacting us. We can help you to reach your purpose!